Cave Crisis

Crucial equipment has been lost within the labyrinth of the underground cave network. It's up to you and your team to recover it. Fortunately, their positions have been marked on a cave map, unfortunately the first challenge is to locate the map to resolve the Cave Crisis!

The day starts with a team briefing before learning some basic navigation skills to help you locate the missing map sections. With all the pieces retrieved you can plan your approach to the final challenge: your mission underground.

Whilst in the cave system each team will work with a fully qualified cave guide, who will travel with you to ensure your safety. However, they will not show you the way to the items - that is up to you! If you can navigate and get through the three dimensional world and retrieve all the items, you will have succeeded!

Triumphant teams will be able to review the day's adventure with the well-deserved prize.

Call or email to book.

Minimum of five, maximum of 24 participants per session.

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- Navigation
- Caving

Only 'dry caves' without active stream-ways are used and there is no risk of flooding


- Abseiling
- Climbing
- Navigation
- Caving