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We don't offer a set programme for every school - we make sure the activities are as individual as your students. We'll listen carefully to your needs and curriculum objectives and build a programme just for you.

For nearly 30 years Mendip Outdoor Pursuits has been working closely with schools to deliver high quality outdoor education. Our hard earned reputation has been built on the delivery of bespoke multi-activity residentials and learning outside the classroom, delivering long lasting benefits for both the students and the school.

Mendip has grown into one of the biggest outdoor activity provider in the South West, with a 250 acre activity centre, an Alpine inspired snowsport park and our own 150ft high rock climbing quarry. Our experienced team of friendly planners and qualified, enthusiastic instructors are the best in the industry and our mix of over 25 exciting outdoor activities cannot be rivalled.

A multi-activity outdoor programme is much more than a school trip - it teaches children to face challenges, push their limits and unite together. All our activities are designed to educate outside the classroom and inspire children to try more, do more and achieve more - regardless of academic or physical ability.

We can provide a diverse and exciting range of outdoor activities and unique learning environments within our 250 acre woodland site in Churchill which forms part of the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We have our own, private 50 acre rock-sport quarry with a 150 foot abseil and climbs to challenge all ages. We also have a climbing tower, a permanent archery and rifle shooting range, a dry slope for skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing, a camping area, several bushcraft and forest school sites, orienteering courses and an abandoned mine which forms one of the best geo-cache courses in the country.

Our other green-field activity centre in Hewish has exclusive river access for canoeing, kayaking and raft building and a permanent assault course with two parallel lanes of challenging obstacles including daring river crossings.

We have negotiated use of the best natural resources across the Mendips for rock and water sports and have a regional network of bases and accommodation across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and South Wales for residential or other specialist activities.

Our instructors are the best in the industry, are fully qualified, experienced and enthusiastic. They are all CRB checked, first aid trained and passionate about what they do.

We are one of the biggest and most respected outdoor activity providers in the South West, backed by the Activities Industry Mutual (£5million PL and £10million EL) and inspected and approved by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority and the institute for Outdoor Learning. We are proud of our quality badge for Learning Outside the Classroom and approved by the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme. All our PCV registered minibuses have high backed, front facing seats, with three point seatbelts. Each bus is checked daily and by a certified mechanic every 10 weeks.

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Mendip specialises in providing outdoor activities and facilitating outdoor learning for the education sector - if you have any questions or want any further information please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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    Induction Days

    Create instant bonds between students who have just met! Outdoor activities are a great way of letting individuals unite in a levelling environment. Peers will learn to respect and trust each other regardless of academic or physical ability and disregard any preconceived stereotypes.

    Creating lasting bonds and familiarity early on with new groups allows students to be more open and confident. With personal barriers relaxed, a friendlier atmosphere is created and this can only enhance and expand the potential learning opportunities and social stability required for an effective working environment.

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    Fun Days

    All of our activities have fundamental educational benefits. However, schools and educational establishments often use us just for a 'fun day'. Students can try something different and share the experience with their school friends.

    A fun day is an excellent opportunity for teaching staff to see their students taking on challenges and showing initiative that they often don't expect. Many teachers see their pupils in a new light and it can offer an opportunity for both parties to build a level of trust and respect unobtainable through normal classroom interaction - providing great material for end of year reports.

    An activity day with us doesn't require an ulterior motive or higher objective; it can simply be fun for the sake of fun! But as any educator will know, play and experimentation are powerful learning tools and can provide tangible emotions and experiences to draw on later in the classroom.

    Mendip Outdoor Pursuits will always provide a day to remember, whether it is a first time visit, an annual excursion or a weekly event. We pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible and change session content to ensure every member of the group gets the most from both the activity and themselves. We don't just provide the equipment - we provide an adventure.

    Contact us for a quote or more information

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    In-Service Days

    Why let your pupils have all the fun? In-service days offer opportunities for community building for school staff. A chance to try something new, something fun. Come away with new found trust, respect and admiration for your colleagues.

    Teamwork is critical to any modern school and an In-Service day with Mendip is a great opportunity for the team to work together in a totally different environment, experience practical activities which develop trust and can uncover leadership skills. Whether it is a group or individuals being challenged to step outside their comfort zone. Forget 'Thinking outside the box'. Simply 'Think Outside'

    There are sure to be some surprises and the day will enable your school staff to see each other in a new light and appreciate skills and abilities that may have remained hidden in the school environment.

    Think different, have an in-service day that will invigorate and inspire your staff allowing them to:

    - Experience learning together away from the staff room.
    - Appreciate what their pupils experience when they are learning new skills.
    - Really get to know and trust colleagues.
    - Try something new and challenging.
    - Think outside

    We have a huge range of activities and challenges that can be brought into school or you can come out to one of our beautiful venues.

    Call us to discuss your requirements

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    After School Clubs

    Schools provide a diverse and engaging range of after school activities. Extend children's learning beyond the classroom and build confidence outside of the traditional field sports.

    Mendip can offer a range of activities that are beyond the scope of most schools. We can collect pupils from the school and return them after their activity. We can provide a diverse range of activities that can all be tailored to your requirements and educational objectives.

    This offers an exciting experience for your pupils which will enhance learning, build confidence and self-esteem. For the students it will simply be something they really look forward to each week!

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    Residential activity holidays have a profound and immediate effect on a child's confidence, self-esteem, patience, team skills, learning and appreciation of the environment. The School Trips are often the only things you consciously remember about school, so make those memories ones they can relive and treasure.

    ACCOMMODATION: whether you choose to stay in our onsite, canvas bunkhouses
    Of course, a bunk house residential does not prevent everyone from getting personal time or three square meals a day, it just provides a view and appreciation of the environment often unnoticed in day to day life.

    MENDIP HILLS:There are many suitable locations around the South West to accommodate residential groups of all sizes. Please don't hesitate in contacting us to discuss your requirements.

    WYE VALLEY: A residential in the Forest of Dean has a number of advantages. A group from our locality will really feel they are going away on an adventure. The Forest of Dean provides great backdrop for outdoor activities such as open canoeing down the River Wye or hill walking in the Black Mountains.

    CATERING: The use of bunk house and youth hostel accommodation for residentials allows great flexibility with catering. In the past some clients have opted to self-cater, while others have used our own experienced caterers. Food is always of a very high standard and will normally include three meals a day. We are used to catering for a range of dietary requirements based on both health and religious needs.

    ACTIVITIES: Residential courses allow you to take advantage of our widest choice of activities, and the options are only really limited by the number of days you have available. If you would like us to recommend a programme of activities we would be happy to suggest some alternative options together with suggested evening activities.

    TRANSPORT: Mendip Outdoor Pursuits can arrange all your transport needs whether you require transport to and from, or during the residential.


    DofE Award

    Mendip is an Approved Activity Provider for Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Awards. For more information click here

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    Team days

    All our outdoor activities require teamwork and co-operation. We can provide innovative, exciting and challenging sessions to unite any team. Our instructors will ensure participants recognise and appreciate the inherent transferable skills they have developed.

    Mendip has had many years of experience arranging structured team events to develop specific team orientated objectives. In a lot of cases team orientated days can just be about fun, in which the addition of challenge and competition motivates participants so they get the most from themselves, the team and the experience.

    Team skills are an essential part of everyday life but these skills have to be developed and practiced like any other ability. Outdoor activities provide ideal opportunities for participants to see the effects of their decisions and actions, as well as the benefits of making personal changes to their conduct. Most importantly this can be achieved in a safe and supportive environment that ensures both physical and psychological wellbeing.

    Whatever the intended outcome of your chosen event we will find the most suitable activities, locations and facilities to meet your exact requirements. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs further.



    We can offer skiing, snowboarding or tobogganing experiences as part of any programme of activities.
    School Ski Trip? get your students skiing and ski fit before they even get out to the snow with our exclusive education rates.

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    Education Prices

    We have a flexible approach to pricing for all Educational groups. Wether it's a session for an individual child, a half day, full day, weekend or full week residential for the entire school we will build a programme to your budget.

    Give us a call!

    We're happy to talk over the phone, visit you or give you the grand tour here. We can put together a custom programme specifically for you and your students!


    1.5 hour session: £15.83pp or less
    Half day session: £24.17pp or less
    Full day programme: £48.33pp or less

    Prices include tuition by fully qualified instructors, use of all specialist equipment and Public Liability Insurance (£5m). Prices exclude VAT and minimum numbers apply.